The first of many last chances

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Alpha Chi (a sorority in Chapel Hill) has a cocktail every year called Hayride. It’s supposed to be one of the better sorority cocktails. As a senior, I’ve never been and my last chance is tonight.

Earlier in the week, I was joking with a friend of mine named Jordan (girl) about how I was never going to get to experience Hayride. She told me she’d try her best to get me a date.

Yesterday, she send the following email to the Alpha Chi listserv:

“Hey ladies. Still need a date? I know just the man. I don’t want to say Alex Pomer is desperate to go, but no other word comes to mind right now. He is a senior Chi Psi and tons of fun. I know plenty of Alpha Chi’s who have taken him to functions, but none who’ve regretted it. He is the self proclaimed best dancer in Chapel Hill and impossible not to get along with. When I say he’s one of a kind I’m not kidding. Seriously, if you don’t have a date yet and you’re looking for a good time (and I mean that in the most innocent sense) Alex would be an incredible date. I’ve already got mine, but I’d love to see Alex there with any Alpha Chi having a great time. Bonus, I bet he’d be so excited to go he would carry your cooler (if you know what I mean). But in all honesty he’s wonderful and it’s his last year to try and go. Did I mention he’s desperate and a ball of fun? Let me know if you want the hook up.”

Today at 4:00pm (the cocktail starts at 6), a sophomore girl called me and needed a date because her date couldn’t go. I don’t know anything about the girl but who cares?

It’s Hayride. And I’m a senior.



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