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Who doesn’t love a good prank?  I know I do.

For the fraternity/sorori-literate readers, let me start with a quick definition before I get to the good stuff.



A social function where a Sorority and Fraternity meet a central location, usually a bar or club, to mingle.  These events typically have a quasi-risqué theme such as ‘golf pros and tennis hoes,’ ‘dirty professors and naughty schoolgirls’ and occasionally your standard ’80’s.’

End definition.

I got a call Monday from the social chair of Alpha Chi (Jordan)

She told me that Alpha Chi was supposed to mix with a Fraternity on Tuesday (today) but they had to cancel.  She was wondering if my fraternity had any social events planned for Tuesday night.

For those of you who don’t know, my fraternity is known in the greek system as ‘the smart fraternity’ so naturally, we did not have any social event planned for Tuesday.  I’m sure Jordan was as underwhelmed by that fact as I was.

I called our social chair to make sure it was okay to mix with Alpha Chi.  It was.  So I called Jordan back to get the details.

She told me when we were supposed to be there, how much it costs, and the unsurprising theme – Saint Patty’s Day.

Saint Patty’s Day-themed mixers are pretty standard.  Everyone dresses up in absurd green clothes, no one gets pinched, end of story.

So I decided to spice it up a little bit…

I sent the following email to my fraternity’s listserv to tell them about the mixer:


Alpha Chi had a fraternity cancel on their mixer for Tuesday night and they’ve decided that we’re the fraternity most likely to be able to mix with them with only one day’s notice.  Fair enough.  We are.

We’ll be mixing at Uptown from 11pm-2am.

The theme is ‘Stoplight’

For those of you who don’t know what a ‘Stoplight’ theme is, I’ll put it in Facebook terms:


Green if you’re Single
Yellow if It’s Complicated
Red if you’re In A Relationship

You get the metaphor,


End Email.

The talk around my fraternity today is, “What color are you going to wear tonight?”  Most guys seem to be going with yellow so as not to appear desperate.

I’m not sure what I’m looking forward to more, seeing my friends’ eyes light up when they see every girl decked out in green or seeing Jordan’s eyes darken when she realizes that her entire fraternity looks desperate.

Either way I think the score is pretty clear:

(Pomer – 1, Friends – 0, Jordan – 0)



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