My Top 10 Athletic Skillset

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I believe a few things about athleticism.

1. Everyone thinks that he is more athletic than he actually is.

2. Once you get into college, your athleticism begins to decline.

In an effort to justify doing #1 since #2 is becoming more prevalent, I’ve begun finding new ways to identify myself as an athlete.

How you ask?

By not limiting ‘athleticism’ to only traditional sports and expanding its definition to anything that could remotely be considered a competition.

I’ll give you a quick example of someone else’s atypical athleticism before I go back to talking about my own natural superior skill-set.

I was in Wilmington this weekend for a friend’s wedding and Sunday afternoon, a bunch of friends and I got together to watch the Elite Eight games and Tiger Woods in the Arnold Palmer Invitational.

One friend in particular (Byrum) was in charge of manning the remote.  He successfully executed two straight hours of perfect channel changing.  We never had to watch a single commercial, never missed an important play, and never felt like we were watching something that was unentertaining.

It was one of the most amazing athletic achievements that I’ve ever witnessed.

I am not an athletic remote control-er.  But there are a few fields in which I’m incredibly athletic (see #1 above).

Here’s a list of my top 10 athletic skill-set:

  1. Calling Shotgun
  2. Sleeping on airplanes
  3. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Obscure Star Wars References
  5. Facebook Pokes
  6. Playing with Yoshi in N64 games
  7. Eating Sunflower Seeds
  8. Calling ‘Fives’
  9. Snoozing alarms
  10. Avoiding cracks on the sidewalk

What kinds of things do y’all do that are athletic by my new terms of the word?



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