If at first you don't succeed..

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In my experience, then you probably weren’t meant to.

A few days ago, I created Facebook event entitled I know this sucks but I lost my phone and I need people’s numbers.

Sounds innocent enough, right?


There are two factors that you are unaware of:

  1. I did not lose my phone.
  2. I only invited one person to the event, a girl that I will refer to as JT.

For those of you who don’t know me, getting a cute girl’s number is not really my cup of tea.

So I figured I’d use a little trickery and then six months later, while we were merrily strolling down the beach holding hands, I’d tell her how I got hew phone number and we’d laugh the day away…

Well guess what, figuring isn’t really my cup of tea either.

Two days and thousands of Facebook-checks later, I was still number-less.

So yesterday, I got bold and decided to try try again.

I thought, maybe she just skimmed over the event invite and I need to take a more direct approach.

So I sent her a long confessing Facebook message explaining what I’d done, hoping that she would find it remotely entertaining. I also gave her some raw incentive (detailed in the snippet below) in case she was the bribe-able type.

Snippet below:
“In exchange for your phone number, I will tell you…

  1. The movie that I’m most embarrassed for crying in.
  2. My favorite Pokemon.
  3. My PID number and permission to use it for up to $10 worth of Alpine (I have a ton of extra expense dollars).
  4. Which ‘NSync song I’m currently listening to.
  5. One demand of your choice.”

End Snippet.

You’d think that nobody could resist such a tempting proposal.

Well JT isn’t a nobody, she’s a somebody. And a much more elusive somebody than I initially imagined.

More than 36 hours since clicking that dark blue send button, there’s still no response.

I’d tell myself she’s playing hard to get but I passed out midway through hour 14 of holding my breath.

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. My advice, don’t try throwing one at a girl.



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