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If you found this page through Facebook, please scroll down to the “For the Facebook Folk” portion of the post. If not, continue as if you’d never read that…


Usually when someone is reading this blog, it’s for one reason: I peer-pressured them into it.

But this post is fundamentally different than any before it. There will be at least 30 people who visit this post that I’ve never even spoken to.

How did you pull that off Alex?

I thought you’d never ask.

This past week, I thought aloud to some of my friends, 

Wow, I’d love see that new Harry Potter movie with a female but I don’t know a single (x2) girl that would go with me even if I promised to pay for both tickets, drinks, and a large popcorn (and all the refills that come with it).

I also thought in silence to some of my friends,

“Wow, I wish someone besides my two best friends and mom would read my blog”

So I put up an ad on Facebook in an attempt to kill two burdens with one stone. The ad went a little something like this:

The ad will show up only on the Facebook pages of single girls who go to Chapel Hill and have Harry Potter as one of their interests. In case you were wondering, that’s 640 unlucky girls who have to see my smiling face when they’re trying to look at pictures of the guy they met at the bar last night.


For the Facebook Folk

I know what you’re thinking, “Is this guy serious?

And the answer is yes. Yes I am.

Here’s what I’m seriously offering:

  • A ticket to the most recent Harry Potter movie
  • Large popcorn (with butter)
  • One [insert your favorite canned beverage here]
    • Bring a big-enough purse since you will be sneaking this in

If you’re even considering considering taking me up on this offer, you’ll probably want to do some research first to see just what exactly you’d be getting yourself into. So here are a few of my previous date/girl experi (ences/ments):

You’ve done some reading and you’re still interested? First of all, I suggest you take a second and re-evaluate your interests. Once you’ve done that, feel free to send me a Facebook message (there’s only one Alex Pomer out there) or email me at ‘pomeratyahoodotcom@gmail.com‘.

And if you feel like telling me how bad an idea this is, that’s why there’s the comments below. 



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