Car Problems

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I wrote a while back about my car’s transmission problems.

A brief recap: my transmission had to be completely rebuilt because I hadn’t changed my transmission fluid ever…

…because I didn’t know there was such a thing as transmission fluid.

On Wednesday, I brought my car back to the same transmission shop because my car would no longer accelerate.

And as it turns out, accelerating is an important part of driving.

So with my car once again in the shop, I was forced to borrow my step-dad’s old minivan (see below).

For those of you who don’t know your minivans, that’s a ‘94 Chrysler Town and Country, or ‘The T and C‘ as I call it.

And it’s no ordinary minivan.

No, this minivan comes specially equipped with a broken A/C, a moody right window, faulty automatic locks and a gas gauge that only works for the first quarter-tank so you have to just drive it until it conks out.

But it accelerates.  And that makes it superior to my undriveable Acura TL.

That is until something happened.

Two days ago I went out to my car to run some errands only to find the battery dead.

That kinda sucks,’ I thought.

Little did I know that it actually sucks way more than kinda.

The T and C no longer registers when a door shuts.  So even when all the doors are closed, the lights in the car stay on…

and as a result the battery dies…

Every. Single. Night.

In order for you understand the full extent of my little battery quandary, I’ve prepared a little skit.

The scene: A bunch of Alex’s friends are sitting comfortably on the couch watching The Masters in stunning hi def.  Alex needs to go to the bank.

Alex: “Hey, can someone jump my car?
Friend 1: “Didn’t I just jump your car yesterday?”
Alex: “Why yes Friend 1, you did jump my car yesterday.”
Friend 1: “You should probably get a new battery.”
Friend 2: “Yeah, you should probably get a new battery.”
Alex: “It’s not the battery. Look, I don’t feel like explaining.  Will you please just jump my car?”
Friend 1: “Well I don’t feel like jumping your car.”
Friend 2: “Yeah, he doesn’t feel like jumping your car.”
Alex: “…I hate you guys.”

(End Skit)

Now imagine that scenario everytime you want to go anywhere.

It hurts, doesn’t it? I know. I’m sorry.

Any of you had any annoying car problems? Let me know.  We can whine together.



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