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Tonight I have date #2 with Valentine’s Girl.

I should start by saying that, as you may have guessed, I’m not very practiced at 2nd dates…

…especially ones where I promised the girl to do something that’s not your standard date.

Naturally, two nights ago I started freaking out when I realized that I had no idea what the hell I was going to do with this girl. I asked some friends of mine who were sitting in the room if they had any ideas.

My friend Eugene mentioned, “You should walk around a bookstore with her.”

I immediately told him that was a horrible idea.

10 minutes later, I realized that he may be onto something and decided to try it…

…with a little twist of course.

So tonight, I’ll be picking up Valentine’s Girl for what she thinks is a coffee date at Barnes and Nobles. When we sit down at a table, I’ll hand her an envelope with the following letter in it:

Page 1:

Dearest Amy,

You’re probably thinking that ‘getting coffee’ isn’t much of an excursion. And you’re right. But this is more than just a coffee date as you’ll find out. In fact, it’s not even really about coffee. I like to think of it as a bookstore date.

When you read this line, look up at me as if you’re angry I tricked you into going here with me.

That’s my cue to excuse myself to go to the bathroom so you can read the rest of this and think about strategy.

Here’s what’s going on:
I’ve come up with a few ‘games’ that we’ll be playing to get to know each other better and make this a little more fun. Each game will involve finding a book (or two) in a given amount of time. We will then return to the table and compare/discuss our choices.

The details of the games are on the next page.

I hope you enjoy this half as much as I’m going to,

P.S. No, I’ve never done this before. You’re the first.

Page 2:


Round 1:
Find the book that you’ve most recently read (not for school). Find the book that you’ve read the most number of times (not less than 200 pages).

Time: 5 minutes

Round 2:
Find a book that reminds you of your childhood.

Time: 4 minutes

Round 3: 
Find a biography of one of your idols.

Time: 4 minutes

Round 4: 
Find the book whose author would have the highest point total in Scrabble

Time: 3 minutes

Final Round:
Find the book that has the most absurd (content-wise) first page (the first page of the actual book, not the worthless publishing information, table of contents, etc.).

Time: 6 minutes

End letter.

All (both) the female readers, would you enjoy something like this or would you think it was way over the top?



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    Excuse the random comment, but I came across your blog post while searching for bookstore games. This date idea seems really sweet and thoughtful! I hope it went well (though it was almost a decade ago).

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