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Come New Years, most of us resolve to accomplish/do/commit to something in the next year.

And in my experience, a lot of people have similar resolutions. Here’s a list of the top ten most popular resolutions.

But if you know me at all, you know I’m anything but popular. So naturally, my resolutions rarely mimic that of the general public.

They also tend to be more on the difficult side.

Last year, in my never-ending quest to stay in college, my New Years resolution was to ‘Get Younger’.

Whether or not I succeeded is still up to debate. Yes, I’m a year closer to graduation but I don’t think anyone would argue that I have the maturity of a 12-year old. I’ll leave the verdict on my success up to you…

This year, I had no idea what my resolution was going to be until two days ago when I had an eye-opening experience.

I should probably start by letting you know that I’m a jack of some trades and a master of none.

I’ve got a few semi-talents (keyboard shortcuts, Facebook pokes, getting in the ‘friend zone‘) but I lack in some critical areas.

For example, I don’t know anything about cars.

I mean nothing.

So when my car started going into neutral whenever I took slow turns a month ago, I figured I’d just take it in for a checkup over break and everything would be fine.

Two days ago, I took it to the mechanic. Yesterday, I got a phone call. It went a little something like this…

Mechanic: “I’ve got some sort-of bad news…”
Pomer: (crap) “…are you sure?”
Mechanic: “Uh, yeah I’m sure. We’re going to have to rebuild your transmission.”
Pomer: “Okay…”
Mechanic: “Have you been refilling your transmission fluid…?”

(10 seconds pass)

Pomer: “You mean the motor oil?”
Mechanic: “No, the transmission fluid. You didn’t know there was transmission fluid?”

(Audible Laughter)

Pomer: “How much?”
Mechanic: “$1,600″
Pomer: “I definitely shouldn’t have bought those Snuggies.”
Mechanic: “What?”
Pomer: “Nothing, just fix it.”


You’re probably thinking, You didn’t know to change your transmission fluid? You’re an idiot!

Well guess what, I can’t believe that you don’t know Pikachu evolves into Raichu with a Thunderstone. But you don’t see me rubbing it in your face…

But that’s not the point. The point is that it’s a new year and we all have our shortcomings.

And you probably think that I have way shortercomings than you…

But that’s exactly why I need to have lofty New Years resolutions.

This year, I resolve to become a jack of all trades and a master of two, maybe three.

And just how are you going to accomplish that, Alex?

I thought you’d never ask.

I’m never going to sleep past 9:30am.

I have a bad habit of sleeping until almost noon. But no more.

Starting tomorrow, I’m going to get up and do/learn something, anything, everyday. With an extra 2.5 hours per day, I’ll be able to accomplish far more than I could this past year.

Watch (read), you’ll see.


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