Who's writing this thing?

Alex Pomer |al-iks poh-mer|

- noun (formal)

  1. a senior project manager at New Media Campaigns, a small web design and marketing firm in Carrboro, NC. who specializes in helping organizations take advantage of the ever-changing online world including social media, analytics and search engine optimization.
  2. a graduate of the Journalism School at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a focus in poetry writing.

Origin: 1987; Greensboro, NC

Alex Pomer |al-iks poh-mer|

- noun (informal)

  1. someone who tries not to take life too seriously
  2. a night owl who’d rather see the sun rise because he hasn’t slept yet as opposed to because he had to get up that early.

Alex Pomer |al-iks poh-mer|

- noun (athletics)

  1. the self proclaimed best all around athlete in the world, he excels at no one sport.  His relative strengths are tennis, volleyball, skiing, ping pong and Words With Friends (username: alexpomer).
  2. a Tar Heels, Fantasy Sports, Red Sox, and Roger Federer fan.

Alex Pomer |al-iks poh-mer|

- noun (really informal)

  1. a jack of some trades you wouldn’t even consider to be trades including beatboxing, Chewbacca impressions, juggling and Gmail keyboard shortcuts.